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Watermark Ballroom, Private, Dining, Events, Alexandria, Virginia

Annee Gillett

Annee, the Director of Catering at The Alexandrian and Morrison House has more than 18 years of planning experience. A D.C. native, Annee loves discovering locally-owned shops and restaurants around every corner of our vibrant, caring Old Town Alexandria community.

Ashley DaSilva

A Florida native, Ashley moved to Virginia five years ago to pursue a career in hospitality. As a Catering Sales Manager, she loves working with clients to craft memorable events in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. A true romantic, her favorite wedding song is “Forever and For Always” by Shania Twain.

Camila Mareno

Our Business Transient Sales Manager, Camila has more than seven years of hospitality experience. Her favorite part of Old Town Alexandria is the people and the diverse array of cultures within our community. Camila is a self-described foodie who loves art and traveling, especially to the beach

Kimberly LeDoux

The Area Director of Sales and Marketing for The Alexandrian and Morrison House, Kim has 15 years of hospitality leadership experience. Coming back to Alexandria after living abroad in Bangkok, Kim loves visiting the waterfront and exploring Old Town’s numerous attractions and recreational outlets.

Jane Aronds

Jane is the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at The Alexandrian and Morrison House. Jane moved from New Jersey five years ago for college where she earned a degree in Hospitality Management. Jane is a regular at the Old Town Farmer’s Market – the oldest farmer’s market in the United States.

Maria Hernandez

Passionate about building relationships and getting to know clients on a personal level, Maria is the Associate Director of Sales at our Alexandria hotels. When she’s not playing tennis or volunteering for a local Yorkie dog recuse, Maria likes visiting Dolci Gelato for Alexandria’s best coffee and gelato.

Tayavee Jenks

Originally from Thailand, Tayavee moved to the U.S. five years ago. She loves animals, especially dogs, mochas from Starbucks, and Thai food (the spicier the better!). When she not at work as the Sales Coordinator for The Alexandrian and Morrison House, Tayavee likes hitting the gym for a challenging workout.

Tianna Jenkins

Tianna, a Group Sales Manager at our Alexandria hotels, enjoys meeting and interacting with visitors from across the U.S. and around the world. She loves helping guests experience the very best of Alexandria and recommends a visit to Gadsby’s Tavern to anyone looking to discover Old Town’s historic roots.

Jonelle Nero

A former flight attendant from Richmond Virginia, Jonelle is the Event Meeting Manager at The Alexandrian and Morrison House. A Broadway lover, one of Jonelle’s favorite musicals is Hamilton, which depicts many historic figures who once lived in or frequented Old Town Alexandria.

Julia Giovannini

Originally from Ukraine, Julia moved to the U.S. in 2010. As the Group Sales Manager at The Alexandrian and Morrison House Julia loves crafting memorable, personalized meetings and events. When she’s not at work, Julia can be found practicing Yoga or visiting the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria. 

Eyoha Bayu

Originally from Ethiopia, Eyoha is the Convention Services Manager at The Alexandrian and Morrison House. An event planning professional, Eyoha enjoys helping clients turn their visions into reality at our Old Town Alexandria properties. She also loves watching reruns of Friends and eating extra spicy foods.